My work is an experimental and personal dialogue with the contrariety of two concepts and their relation to each other. The conscious and the unconscious, the past and the future, the truth and the lie, the go and the stop, the remembrance and the forgetfulness, the inside and the outside, the maker and the observer, you and me. I am interested in the connection of two concepts and the undefined space in between them.


Main material of my work is silver and enamel on copper, constantly searching for shapes, colors, lines, surfaces and textures to express the contrariety of to concepts, the space in between and their influence

to each other.



Main part of my work are unique pieces, if you are interested in my work or you have any further question, please don´t hesitate to contact me! You can also visit my studio in Berlin-Mitte to have a closer look to my work and be part of the creation process of  the pieces that I am presently working on.