S  T  E  F  F  I    G  Ö  T  Z  E

My work is an experimental and personal dialogue with the contrariety of two concepts and their relation to each other.The conscious and the unconscious, the past and the future, the truth and the lie, the go and the stop, the remembrance and the forgetfulness, the inside and the outside, the maker and the observer, you and me.


It is my way to tell stories, ask questions, communicate and provoce communication. Main material of my work is copper and enamel, constantly searching for shapes, colors, lines, surfaces and textures to express the concept of contrariety by using various techniques of enamel.


It is my language to speak out things those are otherwise hard to say, silent emotions, a childhood memory or a caption of a small moment.

Currently living and working in Mallorca, born in Germany, Steffi Götze studied artistic enamel on metal at the School of Applied Arts and Design in Seville, Spain.


In 2013, she completed her studies with the Master for Enamel Art and Metalwork and started her artistic practice in her own gallery/studio in Berlin, Germany until 2020, when she finally moved her living and working to Mallorca.


Steffi Götze began her artistic work with small objects and contemporary jewelry pieces as wearable art, participating in international fairs and exhibitions worldwide and is now experimenting with different mediums from art jewellery to large scale works and sculpture.